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    seeing assholes u used to be friends with like


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  3. Watch out Mendoza! I’m going out tonight, and I’m gonna throw my cat at you. #argentina (at 🌎Ciudad de Mendoza🌄)

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  5. Fun nights in the city! #argentina

  6. 💗🐈😻🌎🌻💘 #gatita #argentina (at 🌎Ciudad de Mendoza🌄)

  7. Best hot dog I have ever eaten. And it only cost me 15 pesos! #streetfood #argentina2014 (at 🌎Ciudad de Mendoza🌄)

  8. Looking for little rocks in a little creek. :) #argentina

  10. ¡¡¡VAMOS ARGENTINA!!! Argentina won the game! The streets are crazy! I am waving the Flag of Argentina outside the car window.⚽️👏😝